Rumour has it…

We wanted the to give everyone the chance to express their opinions without any restraint and with the self-confidence that accompanies anonymity. Here is what you came up with:

  1. The president is obsessed with High School Musical.🎶
  2. I ❤ the orga with the blue polo who always manages the coffee breaks ❤ ❤
  3. The video editor wishes he was Irish. 🇮🇪
  4. Yunus we love your dance move. ❤ ENVI 2
  5. The chair of LIBE is Chavvy. 🇬🇧
  6. I heard that the HO’s are actually supermodels. 👯
  7. Christopher Nölte snores, really badly. 💤
  8. Rose looks like an evil step-mom from a fairy tale.😨
  9. Giorgia is a disaster in guessing the rules to games.👉
  10. Why do you add butter flavor to vegan cookies?🍪


By Yunus Derman (TR)


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