The Green Movement.  

The theme of the Vienna regional session 2017 is Green Movement. Our talented team of organisers have been working tirelessly in order to portray this theme and to promote sustainability. Now we must ask the question; why is this theme relevant? Why focus our attention on the environment and what it means to, ‘Think Green’?

First let’s look at the problem. Human negligence is primarily to blame. In a world dictated by consumerism we, as a population, are never fulfilled, our wants far outweigh our needs. We are constantly demanding more. As such, we play a massive role in causing the deterioration of the earth due to our lack of consideration for the natural world.

The average contribution of local traffic to urban NO2 and PM10 concentrations, across the globe, is estimated at 64% and 34%, respectively. It is estimated that around 10% of the EU urban population is exposed to NO2 levels above the EU limit value and that approximately 80% of the urban population is exposed to PM10 levels exceeding the WHO guideline value. Needless to say these statistics fully depict the detrimental effect of our cars on the road.

Moreover, it is estimated that an outrageous proportion of half of all plants and animals’ species on dry land could face extinction by the year 2050 due to global warming.

Deforestation significantly increases the extent of greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere, and thus is a major contributor to climate change. Not to mention it being a product of soil erosion flooding and desertification.

An abundance of human activities has given rise to the destruction of our planet. Concerned with our own self-interests, we fail to take adequate care of our home.

If there is one thing you should take from Vienna 2017 it is that every little helps. There is no action too small, no gesture that doesn’t help in some way. Every single one of us is responsible for making the earth a beautiful and protected planet, rather than a flawed and damaged landscape.

The perils are prominent but so are the remedies. Walking instead of driving, recycling instead of general waste. Look at the session itself, the biodegradable cups used is a means so effortless yet so effective. The biggest solution is consideration. Having consideration for your surroundings, your actions and potential consequences of said actions.

Aside from your new friendships and remarkable resolutions, you should also leave the session understanding the importance of the Green Movement. Green in our activities, our lifestyle and our thinking. Movement in the way our society, our continent and our world develops and evolves. This specific combination highlights the need for worldwide environmental protection in conjunction with our modern day era, not only for the present day but for the future.


By Kate Kinsella


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