An EYP Stage

3,2,1…on Stage!

The first night of the 2017 Vienna Regional Session was host to one of the most hilarious theatre events ever! Eight committees challenged themselves in an exciting theatre competition, where delegates were obliged to perform as professional actors in front of an “ordinary” audience.

Each committee was given only 15 minutes before the start of the evening in order to get ready and come up with a short plot for its own show. To make life even harder, the nasty media team established the names of 3 famous characters to include in every story, forcing the delegates to choose imaginary scenarios and irrational themes. The outcome? Spiderman, Churchill, Spongebob, Buzz Lightyear, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, Queen Elisabeth, a sausage, Elvis Presley and Adele as some of the main protagonists of what have been mostly improvised sketches played in front of 80 other fellow delegates and officials, doubled over in fits of laughter. (Literally, everyone couldn’t help but laugh!)

If the atmosphere was amazing, so were the plots of the shows presented by the eight committees. No man on earth would have been able to invent such incredibly insane and crazy storylines as the delegates have. The audience had the chance to get involved in several passionate love stories: Spiderman magically confessed his love for Elvis the Pelvis, who, in response, sang Blue Moon and asked to be rock’n rolled about for a while.

Queen Elisabeth was the privileged target of 3 handsome guys, one of which was called Bob the Sponge (Spongebob for friends). In the end however, she dumped him for the way cooler WiFi guy. And finally a young little boy followed his grandmother’s piece of advice and said he preferred the well balanced European Sausage to the American one.

In the second part of the evening we learned that only the lucky ones are invited as guests at Donald Trump’s GREAT party, which unfortunately he thought was GREAT to celebrate all on his own. The audience was then catapulted into the middle of high Britney Spears’s magical dream, where lions sleep tonight and Michael Jackson, Nowitzki and Buzz Lightyear walked along the banks of a river hand in hand. No wonder then if Adele managed to enter a club for free just by saying Hello to the bouncer (doorkeeper) and if Cinderella stole an apple from a random person and phoned Snowwhite trying to sell it…

To sum up, I think it would be fair enough to say that anything can happen when you give freedom of expression and imagination to a bunch of unconventional delegates and tell them to perform on an EYP stage. Once more, it has been proven that EYP is much more than debating current issues and trying to tackle them. In fact EYP involves an overdose of creativity, FUN and of course, of happiness!

By Enea Bordon (IT)


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